Colombian Cacay Oil - 100% Pure, Wild-harvested  (2oz)

Colombian Cacay Oil - 100% Pure, Wild-harvested (2oz)

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Straight from the deepest corners of the Colombian Amazon, we bring to you our cacay oil. This is a dry oil that is easily absorbed by the skin and has Vitamins A, E and F. It's rich antioxidants and has 75% linoleic acid. Give your hair and skin the nourishment it deserves and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Easy and simple. Cacay oil has been used by native peoples of the Amazon for skin healing and moisturization. This gem of an oil is used to nourish hair and add sheen. It's no secret to our indigenous ancestors, but it is new to us and we can explore its endless benefits without any guilt. Use cacay oil as a carrier oil with improved properties compared to other carrier oils. Excellent for creating your own DIY concoctions!

To use directly on skin, place 3-5 drops on your finger tips and rub them together. Then pat your fingers lightly on your skin to cover the areas desired. 

Ingredients: 100% pure, cold-pressed cacay oil.

*Coconut shell not included (sold separately)

Bottle comes with flow control cap. We are trying to reduce the use of extra materials as much as possible.