NB Story

     Over twenty years ago, we started making soap in our kitchen. Soon thereafter we realized this wouldn't be "just a hobby". Playing with colorful soaps was fun, but we felt the need to take the enthusiasm a step further. We bring together science, passion, and love for our planet.  Natrabliss blends this all together into products that will satisfy you and Mother Earth. We are very proud of the work we do since our scientific background allows for a perfect balance in our formulations, along with the selection of high quality ingredients. 


     We not only focus on the ingredients and product properties, we also aim on reducing waste as much as possible. Natrabliss no longer uses soap boxes, plastic bottles, plastic bags, packing peanuts, shrink or bubble wrap. Our packaging is either reusable, recyclable or compostable. Our innovative soap packaging for the ZonaCare line is a bamboo fiber envelope, which we designed ourselves, and sew at home. We are the first to carry these simple, but beautiful, bamboo soap envelopes.

     Our newest line, ZonaCare, brings so much happiness to our hearts! We embarked on this journey because the founder of Natrabliss is a Colombian native, and after discovering a few secrets from the Amazon Rainforest, the cacay nut proudly distinguished itself from the other ingredients. The chemical properties of this nut's cold-pressed oil exceeded the benefits of popular oils that have flooded the skincare market. However, what really floored everyone was the reforestation efforts that the cacay tree brings forth. The cacay nut is not unknown to the world, but it is still rare. Natrabliss plans to change that! By  bringing awareness and sales for the nut's oil, we are able to encourage the need for more and more trees to be planted and run wild in the Amazon. It's absolutely exhilarating to know that you form part of an earth-giving movement. Sometimes it may feel like you are contributing just a tiny grain of sand, compared to the earth's needs. But in the end, if we all put in just a little bit of effort, our future generations will reap the massive benefits. Take a look at our, "One Tree at a Time" page for more information on this movement.

     All of our products bring positive energies to your body and home. We believe in good vibes, love and peace. The ingredients are thought out carefully and researched to ensure proper pairing and balance in the final outcome of each and every product. We also keep our packaging simple. As you know, more expensive packaging will take away from the products themselves. We invest our energy and money in the formulations and ingredients, to make the best products in their class.

     Did you know that Natrabliss carries the most extensive line of cacay products in the US? And we are the first to carry a robust line of cacay soaps. Don't forget to check out the ZonaCare Collection page!


     The Natrabliss founder is a scientist at heart. Diana owned her first microscope at the age of eight. The generic slides that came with the microscope set were just not enough for her curiosity. This is when she explored her neighborhood for leaves and berries that she could dissect or smear on the slides. The toy microscope wasn't fulfilling enough since the magnification was minimal. Diana moved on to study biological sciences and mathematics, and became a clinical research scientist. She is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and still finds the microscope to be quite alluring, although making Natrabliss products is much more exciting! Diana is Colombian-born, and Jersey-raised. "The best of two amazing worlds!", she says.

All products are scientist approved!

Thank you ,and we hope you put your trust in our products and motto.

"The best beauty secrets aren't new. They are simply overlooked." 


The Natrabliss Family