What is Cacay Oil?

What is Cacay Oil?

Picture yourself slowly canoeing through the rich waters of the Amazon River on a clear and sunny day. You bank on the Colombian border of the river and quickly engage in a warm welcoming by a local tribe. They guide you through the rainforest, their home. You bond with them and quickly learn about their culture and beliefs. You come across a plentiful tree and ask about the green fruit it showcases.  A strong tribal woman reaches for a branch and pulls one of these small green wonders for you. Now imagine this woman handing you this fruit in your living room. You crack it open, and a fibrous, oily nut is exposed. 

From the Colombian Amazon to your living room, we bring to you the cacay nut oil. It is not just "an oil". It is an absolute experience! Cacay oil brings to you beautifying properties, but with it also comes history and traditions. Colombia's Amazonian natives are known to have used the oil for healing wounds and conditioning their skin and hair. Natrabliss is blending cacay nut oil with complementing ingredients to bring to the world products that will regenerate and invigorate the body from head to toe. 

About Cacay Oil

Cacay oil alone is rich in Vitamins A, E, and F.

Imagine all of “THIS”, blended in with other powerful ingredients? The benefits are alluring indeed! Natrabliss’ new product line is intended for all skin types. Our cacay oil is a dry oil and is easily absorbed by the skin, hair, scalp and cuticles. In its pure form, it can be used as a carrier oil, or simply for those people that like to make their own DIY products at home. Just add a few drops to your already fav products and you’ll see the wonders that cacay oil can do for you. Our 100% pure cacay oil already has a hefty list of anti-aging properties, but the blended face oil formulas deliver a more powerful approach to improving  wrinkle depth and smoothing out your complexion. The ingredients are carefully selected, and you will not see “filler” ingredients in our formulations. Each ingredient has a purpose, and together, each product brings to you a natural synergy that will encourage the world to shift to a much more rewarding and gratifying lifestyle.

Natrabliss cacay products guarantee moisturization, and we all know that keeping the skin moisturized is key for beautiful skin. Moisturization allows for a protective barrier to form that not only helps in keeping away free radicals, but it also gives cells enough time to heal and regenerate. ZonaCare's line of cacay products offers amazing beautifying benefits, and continued use of the oils will encourage those pesky lines to adjust to being more plump and less defined. 

Supportive Research on 100% Pure Colombian Cacay Oil

Wrinkle depth image from clinical research study in Germany:

In this study at Derma Consult in Germany, cacay oil was tested on 20 females between the ages of 36-55. The duration of the study was 28 days, and the skin application regimen had a frequency of two times per day. The instruments used were the cutometer, corneometer and PRIMOS tool. You can read more about this study in our blog post named, "Cacay Oil Benefits". Subjects were assessed at baseline, Day 14 and Day 28. As per the Derma Consult research report, the results were statistically significant and showed:

  • Increase in skin hydration and smoothness
  • Enhancement of the biochemical properties of the skin towards the firm-elastic optimum
  • Decrease in depth, area and volume of wrinkles

Now, time to enjoy your products and enjoy your bliss. Treat yourself to earth’s creations, while reaping the skin care benefits our ancestors always knew about.

Enjoy the bliss...