Hubby and I remember the wonderful loaf of soap you gave me a few years ago. It was fab! He will be excited to know we can order it online!
- Heather A.
OMG.... my skin was scented and so soft after my bath, and not just for that night but for a day.. I am in love with your products and can’t wait to go to your holiday sessions... I will admit I’m hooked! THANK YOU for your products. :)
- Maria V.
I had gone to a friend's open house and was introduced to Natrabliss. Wow - I was a kid in a candy shop! I could not decide on which yummy scents I would make my "signature" scent until I happened to have washed my hands and could not stop smelling them! (in a good way!!) My friend had put the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap bar out for use and I immediately fell in love. I ordered the soap as well as the Oatmeal, milk and honey diffuser and the diffuser has lasted so, so long. It freshens up the room without overpowering it with a clean, fresh scent. My husband, who is very sensitive to scents, asked me what smelled so good! It's a keeper and I look forward to getting more to spread the love around the whole house!!!! If only I could make it my perfume......I would smell myself all day (again, in a good way!!!) Thank you Natrabliss!!!!!
- Karen R.
I used the soap. It smells so good and makes my skin so soft. With the hard water here in Vegas it's hard to find a good soap, and this one lathers! My bathroom and room both smell like the soap too. Thanks!
- Lisa L.
I have bought a good bit of these soaps for myself and now my girls love the soaps.  Thank you
-Terry S.
Such amazing products, my whole family looks forward to their Christmas delivery.
-Sara F.
My skin feels dry when I stop using the oatmeal soap!
-Monica M.
From the excellent customer service to the wonderful products natrabliss has, I can't see why
anyone wouldn't support this local business vs. a big box store. The dead sea mud soap is incredible. It lasts almost 3x longer than your average bar of soap (and I suggest buying the 2lb loaf to save $!) and it's basically a moisturizer in one. My wife and I love it and we'll always buy from them! and we love the tea tree oil bar for face washing, too! 😊
-Evan S.
Received my first order from Indiana, amazing fast delivery... All candles, lotions ands soaps that I purchased are absolutely incredible and the smell divine... I'm so impressed with Natrabliss's Owner and her assistant for going the extra mile for me.... My one and only go to shop for the purest candles and body care... Luv Natrabliss.
-Connie S.

The soaps are amazing . . . excellent quality and so very luxurious! The candles smell so incredible and are long lasting! I bought them as gifts, but had to keep some to treat myself too!!!
-Joan P.

I am in love with the peppermint-tea tree soap..bought it today and couldn't wait to get home to use it. My skin's all a-tingle! Something tells me I won't be caught without this one any time soon…
-Madelen M.

Great products! The oatmeal soap is the only soap I use for my daughters. They both suffer from eczema. It's the only thing working this winter!
-Sonia T.
This is by far the best product I have ever tried! Natrabliss will be the only soaps I will ever use. It leaves your skin super soft that even my teenage daughters love them!
-Joanne R.
The creator behind these products is extremely knowledgeable! She takes pride and is passionate about her work! Simply amazing!
-Nakia M.
I love the limeleaf papaya candles and the lemongrass soap! Very high quality I truly recommend this store!
-Giovanni B.
I love the soaps especially the oatmeal and honey for the body and lemongrass for my face.
-Dora G.
Omg!!! I love these products...Good for the body as well as the soul...Two thumbs up!
-Karmina D.
Excellent customer service and attention to detail.
-George G.