Cacay Bliss

Zona Care is the anti-aging skincare collection added to the Natrabliss line, a local customer favorite for over 20 years. Our hero ingredient is the wondrous cacay oil, which is gaining popularity but may be limited in the USA. Several countries in the Amazonia region of South America are able to source cacay oil at the moment. We particularly choose to source from Colombia because of the manufacturer's efforts in reforestation, as well as providing employment to native locals. We also personally tested cacay oils from different regions of the Amazons and they all performed slightly different. The difference in properties comes from different environmental factors including soil properties, climate, humidity, etc. By far, the Colombian cacay oil had the nicest natural scent, and was the most silky. So for now, this is our primary oil of choice for our carefully formulated soaps and skincare. 

In a clinical study performed at Derma Consult in Germany (2013), cacay oil was tested on 20 females between the ages of 36-55 were selected. The skin type of the selected volunteers was as follows: 27 normal healthy, 3 eczema, 3 allergy and 17 subjects with sensitive skin. The duration of the study was 28 days, and the skin application regimen had a frequency of two times per day. The instruments used were the cutometer, corneometer and PRIMOS tool (for measurement of wrinkle depth/area/volume). Subjects were assessed at baseline, Day 14 and Day 28. As per the Derma Consult report, the results were statistically significant and showed:

  • Increase in skin hydration and smoothness
  • Enhancement of the biochemical properties of the skin towards the firm-elastic optimum
  • Decrease in depth, area and volume of wrinkles

We look forward to putting our scientific background and knowledge to use, by continuing to collect consumer use data, and also plan to expand on clinical research efforts, in order to bring to you the latest information on this rare (but not new) oil. Feel free to reach out to us with any specific questions on the research, or on any of our Natrabliss products.

"Regarding cacay oil, its high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) such as linoleic acid and being a rich source of phenolic compounds presents it as an alternative source of raw materials for the cosmetic and biotechnology industries, which can be used as health promoting products. Satisfactory results in anti-oxidant and antibacterial activity reinforce its commercial exploitation." (Medeiros de Azevedo, W. et al., 2020)

Let's take advantage of what our beautiful earth offers to us with minimal effort. Write to us if there are products you would like to customize or see in our product line.